Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't pass the exam, what now?

You can retake the exam by paying a participation fee. The fee cost is 50 euros.

What to do (Belgium only)?

  1. Use the contact form and let us know you want to retake the exam.
  2. There must be a 2-week period between 2 exams.
  3. Register again for the certification exam.
  4. Bring 50 euros cash to the exam.

Good luck!

I didn't receive an e-mail with the e-learnings

Check your SPAM-folder. It may happen that the mail is considered as spam.
So make sure you add as a domain in your safe sender list.

I’m not an IT-student, will I be able to follow the training?

We are convinced that everyone who has an affinity with IT, Statistics, Mathematics,… can follow the e-learning.
It doesn’t matter what kind of studies you follow, if the motivation is there, the certification can be yours.

Where can I find more information on the SAS University Edition software?

Common error: VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for all CPU modes

SAS Programming: PC FILES SERVER not accessible on SAS University Edition

You will receive errors when making the exercises on accessing spreadsheet data in the SAS University Edition. This is because the virtual machine does not contain the components of SAS/ACCESS and PC File server to read and write Excel or Microsoft Access files.

LIBNAME orionx PCFILES PATH=”&path\sales.xls”;

ERROR: The SERVER= option is required for establishing a connection through the SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.